1. start with a particular h-entry to determine authorship for, and no author. if no h-entry, then there's no post to find authorship for, abort.
  2. parse the h-entry
  3. if the h-entry has an author property, use that
  4. otherwise if the h-entry has a parent h-feed with author property, use that
  5. if an author property was found
    1. if it has an h-card, use it, exit.
    2. otherwise if author property is an http(s) URL, let the author-page have that URL
    3. otherwise use the author property as the author name, exit
  6. if there is no author-page and the h-entry's page is a permalink page, then
    1. if the page has a rel-author link, let the author-page's URL be the href of the rel-author link
  7. if there is an author-page URL
    1. get the author-page from that URL and parse it for microformats2
    2. if author-page has 1+ h-card with url == uid == author-page's URL, then use first such h-card, exit.
    3. else if author-page has 1+ h-card with url property which matches the href of a rel-me link on the author-page (perhaps the same hyperlink element as the u-url, though not required to be), use first such h-card, exit.
    4. if the h-entry's page has 1+ h-card with url == author-page URL, use first such h-card, exit.
{"value":"Don Park","type":["h-card"],"properties":{"name":["Don Park"],"url":["https://donp.org"],"photo":["https://2.gravatar.com/avatar/96a39bb92bab68559f262e32630154ae6f565056fa71705c44bb0cdf5389bb72?size=64"]}}